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Chronos Global Academy forms partnership with Code Fellows

Chronos - Code Fellows

Come all you dreamers, designers, builders and innovators. Your time for waiting is over!

We are excited about the future, not just because we are futurists.

Virtual reality

The next frontier, Virtual Reality is upon us. For many who have experienced it they know its potential, as we have seen Google’s Project Tango, Microsoft’s HoloLens, Apple’s AR, the HTC Vive and Oculus Touch.

The Internet has brought us closer together like never before and the benefits are still having a profound effect on us all. Up until now we have only been working from a flat 2D screen that has mostly been an isolated, static experience.

VR and AR are game changers just like the Internet and the Cloud before them. This technology brings the promise of bringing your applications out of your computer and into your world. No longer will your ideas, expression and creativity be limited to a small rectangular box on your desk. Virtual Reality lets you explore strange new worlds like they really exist; from under the sea to outer-space stories can be made real and experienced like never before! Augmented Reality lets you get work done, do work in the most ergonomic and intuitive manner conceivable, and get timely information about people and products in your immediate environment. From treating complicated diseases to designing cars, Augmented Reality is already giving companies a huge edge!

Chronos Global Academy
Chronos is the premiere VR/AR training organization which started here in the Pacific Northwest a couple stops away from CodeFellows, training talent from around the world. They bring experienced staff from the industry to train for new and upcoming technologies that will be invaluable to know. From Unreal Engine to HoloLens, Chronos is a leader in providing quality training for this burgeoning industry.

Chronos is excited to be partnering with CodeFellows! Their school is known in Seattle for prepping talent for this emerging industry.

With their experience in Mobile, Web and Software Engineering, we think this partnership will bring significantly more interest and talent in the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality arena.

Already, Seattle is becoming the next Tech Hub on the West Coast with big names like Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook and Google, not to mention the fact that it overlooks beautiful Mount Rainier and the crystal clear Lake Washington.

Welcome to the Future!
There is no question that Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will be in all our futures, just as Mobile and Tablet based devices before it. The technology to create fantastic, mind blowing, game changing experiences is already available, what’s missing is content, talent and expertise.

That’s where you come in!

Join us in celebrating this partnership and check out one of our events near you!



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