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VR Development with Unity
Medium: Virtual Reality
Platform: HTC VIVE

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VR Development teaches you how to use the Unity engine to create a VR game or experience. Learn how to work with a physics engine by going over the most important features of Unity, with a focus on Virtual Reality.

Unity is a game engine used to develop games for PC, mobile devices, websites, and Virtual Reality.

With Unity you can create any 2D or 3D game, and for a variety of platforms. To develop for Microsoft Hololens, however, Unity is required.

This course focuses on teaching Unity to people who have no experience with Unity or game engines. You will walk away with the foundation to work with Unity as a designer.

The course will use the HTC Vive, and prepare you for Microsoft Hololens development.


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A comprehensive overview of Unity, its API, C#, and several VR SDKsHands-on experience with mobile & high-end VR hardwareGame programming & interactive design paradigmsVR best practices, optimization, and UI/UX approachesAn intensive, project-driven curriculum, accompanied by exercises, guest lectures, and collaborative work

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